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 2013 Knap-in/Events Reports


2013 Sammamish Instructional Knap-in

2013 Puyallup Rock Show Knap-in Report

2013 Millersylvania Knap-in Report

2013 North Columbia Knap-in Report

2013 Ellensburg Knap-in Report

2013 Cub Scout Day Camp/Jamboree

2013 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Report (WIP)

Sammamish Knap-in Report (WIP)

2013 Winter Break/Cabin Fever Report

Flintknapping as Foreign Diplomacy, 'Noobie' Women Knappers and Young Blood! Cabelas' Lacey Store Knap-in 2013 Report

 2013 Spokane Rock Rollers Club Knap-in Report

The Nova School

 2013 Springfield Cabelas Knap-in Report

  2013 Glass Buttes Knap-in Report 

2013 Mick Hill Teaches Flintknapping at Evergreen State College 

2013 Montana Spring Knap-in Report

 2013 Bellevue College Knap-in Report

 2013 Goldendale/Thomas Hollow Knap-in Report

2013 Tri-Cities Knap-in Report

 2013 9th Annual Illahee/North Umpqua Knap-in Report

 2013 3rd Annual Bitterroot Valley Knap-in Report

 Henry Payne  - Flintknapping Ambassador!





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