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2013 Springfield, OR Cabelas Knap-in Report

PSK member Henry Payne organized and coordinated a PSK 'mini' knap-in at the Springfield, OR Cabelas store March 16th, 2013.  While only three PSK member were able to make it those that did had a great time!  There were a number of 'firsts' associated with this event - the first PSK event at the Springfield Cabelas store, the first knap-in organized by Henry, and the first knapping event for new member Mark Carter!  Also attending was Steve Braden.

The event drew people by all day.  Henry brought a box of 115 points to give away and at the end of the day was left with only 4!

Henry Payne


Mark Carter helping out a 'noobie'!  Mark fits right in with the PSK!

The display is also some of Mark's work - very impressive!

Steve Braden providing some great instruction to a very interested young man!


Point Presentation given to Cabelas

Points and blades made by Henry, Mark and Steve



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