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2013 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Report

It's hard to beat the annual Fort Knapadonia Knap-in! This year's event, hosted again by Joe and Sunny Higgins was everything we've grown to know and love.  Lot's of great knappers, great food and terrific fishing!  This year's event was also notable for the number of noobies, about a half dozen students from the Wilderness Awareness school attended and benefitted from the experience of several PSK Master Knappers as well as free rock, loaner tools and safety glasses!

There was once serious problem at this event - making up one's mind on whether to knap or fish - what a dilemma!

Here's a look at some of what went on (thanks to contributing photographers Bettye Hensel, Joe Greenwell, Joan Urata, Henry and Rosalie Payne and Bill Camche):



The Knappers


One of the Main activities at PSK knap-ins is teaching the 'Noobies' - here's just a few photos.

Ft Knapadonia 'Regular' Chip Batcheller helping out a couple of 'noobies'


Foreground - Marisa 'Risa' Acosta getting some pointers from Henry Payne,  Background - Dave Rauschenberg passing along some words of wisdom to a couple of noobies.






On Display - The Art of the Puget Sound Knappers

Not only Knapped Art but a wide assortment of 'Paleo' art.

Display area



Artist - Dave Rauschenberg


Artist - Elbert 'El' Hill



The Fishing


Joe Higgins and Jim Rayner


Kathy Woodside

Richard and Joan Urata with their day's catch




Richard Urata (left) and Dave Pehling (right) cleaning part of the day's catch!


Bald Eagle waiting for his turn - best not to leave your fish unattended!

More Activities!

Bladesmithing with Blaine Kuykendall


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