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2013 1st Annual Sammamish Knap-in Report

The First Annual Sammamish Knap-in was, by all accounts, a rousing success!  The weather was great and in addition to being well attended by the regulars (even though it was just one week after the Ft Knapadonia Knap-in), there were a lot of 'noobies'!

The only 'glitch' was the fact that the company that was contracted to provide portable potties failed to deliver (something about their truck having a flat tire).  However, the host had just completed a permanent outhouse which was intended to accommodate visitors to his shop.  Quite the accommodations!

The site of the First Annual Sammamish Knap-in

Help with final set up

Free Camping

Richard Urata and Karen Rayner checking out the new Outhouse!

Just a few of those that attended!

The First Annual Sammamish Knap-in was attended by a number of student and instructors from some local Primitive Skills schools such as the Wilderness Awareness School in Duval, WA.  This participation began with some of the students attending both the weekly and annual knap-in at Fort Knapadonia.  The student received some very valuable instruction from the likes of Jim Miller, Mick Hill, Jim Rayner and others.

The student's enthusiasm has led to the start of a weekly Sammamish knap-in which is now regularly attended by more than a dozen knappers.

There were other 'noobies' that came to learn the ancient art - both young and old!

Along with the 'noobies' were a good number of 'regulars'

Mick Hill and Woody Woodside

Harry Oda

Ron 'Ronbo' Trezise'

Jim '1607' Smith

Jim Rayner

Potluck Dinner - Knapper's version of 'Surf and Turf' - Barbeque Ribs and Grilled Albacore Tuna!

The Auction - Auctioneer Richard Urata!


 Jim & Karen Rayner

Kim Shelton 

Brian Rayner 

 Scott Cannaday

 Jim Smith

 Jerry Grey

 Henry & Rosalie Payne

 Woody Woodside

Ron Tresize 

 Blain & Julie Kuykendall

 Joe Greenwell

 David Harry**

 Bettye Hensel

 Harry Oda

 Richard & Joan Urata

 Mick & Holly Hill

 Barry & Karen Rogers

 Jim & Beverly Keffer

 Jace Land*

 Jim Cooper

 Rich Russell

Jim Miller 

 Phil Kirschner

Community Point

Jim Miller working on the 17 pound spall that became the community point

Barry Rogers with the Community Point.  Barry won the point in the Raffle but later donated it to the host for a very nominal fee!

Knappers contributing to the Community Point(s)

Richard Urata      

Blaine Kuykendall 

Harry Oda 

 Julie Kuykendall

 Ron Trezise

 Ted Kuykendall

 Woody Woodside

 Brian Rayner

 Jim Rayner

Jim Smith 

 Jim Miller

Tom Appelhans 

 Henry Payne

 Phil Kirschner

 Mick Hill

 David Harry

 Jim Keffer

Rich Russell 

 Joe Greenwell

 Barry Rogers

Marcus Hans Kastner 

 Kim Shelton

 Trevor Ose

Grey Cowan 

Scott Cannaday 

Relaxing after a tough day of flintknapping!

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