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2013 Goldendale/Thomas Hollow Knap-in Report


The 11th Annual Thomas Hollow Knap-in in Goldendale, WA was once again a resounding success.  Hosts Ed and Loretta Thomas provided great accommodations and an atmosphere perfectly suited to flintknappers - not to mention Loretta's superb Egg Fricata Breakfast!


The Knappers




Mike Tari

Mick Hill with the Community Point!


 Jim and Beverly Keffer

Joe and Sunny Higgins 

 Bill and Billie McClure

 Brian P. Fletcher

Harvey Hughett

 Bill and Judy Thomas

Mick and Holly Hill 

Joe Greenwell and Bettye Hensel 

Ronald E. Trezise 

Dan and Donna West 

Allen, Natalie and Riley Hayes

 Don and Carolyn Wattenbarger

Roy and Kathy Hayes 

 Ron and Judy Nichels

 Ken and Sharon Kurfurst

Jeff Maceyko 

 Ed and Loretta Thomas

 Dareese and Denise Arnesen

Valli Eichsted    

Warren 'Smitty' and Joyce Smith 

 Jim Smith

Sam Black 

Thomas 'Tom' Mosqueda 

Mike Tari 


Potluck Meals

Potluck meals are popular at PSK events and are becoming almost a standard.  After all it's much easier to make one dish than a whole meal - and it allows much more time for 'socializing'!

Saturday's Potluck dinner - fried chicken, pulled pork, chili rellanos, chili, fruit salad, potato salad, lettuce salad, cakes, pies, cookies, rolls, fruit, etc., etc., etc.  Delicious and more than plenty for all!

Sunday Brunch

The traditional Thomas Hollow Sunday Brunch feature Loretta's Egg Fricata - a to-die-for dish of eggs, peppers, tomatos, etc.  Also available were pancakes, sausage, sticky buns, lots of coffee, orange and apple juice,

Lead Chef Jim Keffer cutting up ham for the scrambled eggs

Sous Chef preparing the sausage links

The Auction

One of the ways the PSK helps our knap-in hosts cover the cost of their event is to auction items of interest to flintknappers. These items are all donated by thos in attendance and range from knappable rocks/slabs, knapping tools, Paleo Art as well as items donated by non-knapping attendees - spouses, guests and visitors.  It is always fun and there are always great deals!



The Archers

At almost every PSK event there are other activities than just flintknapping - archery, atlatls, 'Hawk throwing, etc.  Here's the archers at Thomas Hollow!

Left to Right - Sam Black, Betty Hensel, Carolyn and Don Wattenbarger, Jim Smith, Joe Greenwell, Riley Hayes




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