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Phil Churchill Memorial Art Gallery


Phil Churchill was a member of the Puget Sound Knappers for a number of years until his untimely passing in May 2014.  Phil was world-renown for his Danish Dagger for which he had no equal.  

While I was never able to get Phil to submit photos of his art many of the PSK's better knappers own at least one Danish Dagger and several have some of his other art - points, blades, etc.

A number of member felt it would be appropriate to create an Art Gallery for Phil and honor his incredible art.  If you have photos of Phil's art you'd like included in his gallery simply send the to the PSK webmaster via     and I'll see that they get added!

(For more about Phil please visit his In Memorium page)


Private Collection of James Keffer

I met Phil Churchill at the Dog Valley Knap-in just three weeks before his untimely passing. I sat with Phil and watched while he made a beautiful pale gray Danish Dagger from Texas Flint in just one hour and forty-five minutes - despite my numerous questions.

Not wanting to take advantage of his patience and sharing of his expertise, I didn't think I should offer to buy the blade, only to find out later that this was partially how Phil made a living according to our mutual friends.

While I haven't purchased more than a half dozen pieces of knapped art in my entire time as a knapper, I decided to make an exception for Phil's daggers. I was so impressed was I with his work that I started looking for the opportunity to acquire a Phil Churchill Danish dagger. .

My first acquistion was the Rainbow Obsidian Dagger previously owned by Barney Desimone. I acquired three more from Harriet Alt, one each in Burlington chert, Texas Flint and Obsidian, along with a letter of provenance.

Finally I acquired the ultimate piece of my collection - a 20-1/2" Electric Blue Obsidain Danish Dagger from Faith Farley.

Phil was, without a doubt, one of the most gracious men I've met and I count myself luck for having met him.

Rainbow Danish Dagger

20-1/2" Obsidian Danish dagger

Danish Daggers

Burlington Chert


Texas Flint

Karen Rayner Private Collection - Karen holding the Dagger

The late Jim Rayner and his wife Karen were good friends with Phil and bought a number of Phil's Knapped Art works. This may be the largest Danish Dagger Phil ever made. It is a superb piece of Davis Creek Rainbow, unfortunately the weather (and photographer) could not do it justice on this particular day.

Jerry '9-Fingers' Calvert and Mary 'Black Mountain Mary' Webster Private Collection

Mary Webster Carved Feather by Phil Churchill

Vern Romans Private Collection

Ritch Theel Private Collection

 Jim Miller Private Collection

From the Stan Norgaard Private Collection

From the Ray Alt Private Collection


From the Ken Peek Private Collection

From the Richard and Joan Urata Private Collection

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