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Puget Sound Knappers Association Event Information

Below is the Current Schedule of Events including annual and re-occuring events. You will also find reports with photos of past event.

All PSK Events Feature the Following:
Free Knapping Instruction
Free Knappable Rock
Free Loaner Tools
Free Safety Glasses*
At least one Free Potluck meal

If you'd like to add a new Event simply contact the webmaster @


SPALLS (Current Edition) - The newsletter of the PSK with schedule of upcoming knap-ins

Upcoming Knap-ins/Event Schedule:

2018 Event Schedule

Weekly and Bi-monthly Knap-ins

      Fort Knapadonia Weekly Knap-in Announcement

     Knapadonia Weekly Knap-in Report

     Sammamish Weekly Knap-in Announcement 

     Tri-Cities Knappers Bi-monthly Knap-in Announcement

     ***NEW*** South Whidbey Island Monthly Knap-in Announcement

For the Latest News go here: Late Breaking News

***NEW*** Event Checklist - if you have something to add just email the webmaster at: 

For Reports on Past Knap-ins/Events go here:

     2017 PSK Knap-in and Event Reports

     2016 PSK Knap-in and Event Reports

     2015 PSK Knap-in and Event Reports

     2014 Knap-in Reports

     2013 Knap-in Reports

     2012 Knap-in Reports

     2011 Knap-in Reports

     2010 Knap-in Reports

For PSK Community Benefit Events go here: Community Events


Bakersfield Monthly Knap-In, Bakersfield, California (This is not a PSK Event)

Past Events and Reports (if you don't see it here go to the History Page):

Late-winter Glass Buttes Oregon Knap-in 2009
Another Glass Buttes Knap-in 2010 Slideshow
Goldendale Knap-in 2010
Illahee Flats Knap-in 2010
Ft. Knapadonia Knap-in August 2010
Another Ft. Knapadonia 2010 Slideshow
Ft. Knapadonia 2009 Knap-in Slideshow


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