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Kenneth 'Cal' Calvert  November 29, 1942 - March 22, 2013


By Richard Urata

Eagle-Beak/Two-Chicken (aka) Ken Calvert, passed into flintknapper‘s heaven on Friday,
March 22, 2013. Eagle-Beak was an enthusiastic and a super knapper. He was one of the early knappers that really promoted flintknapping and was a great contributor to PSK. He hosted one of the Western States earlier knap-ins - the ‘Medicine Creek Knap-in’. This knap-in was held for several years until the forestry closed the area and permits were not available.

Not deterred by the permit problem, he started hosting knap-ins at his home and the ‘Moses Lake Knap-in’ was born. The Moses Lake knap-in, hosted by Ken and his wife Adele, consistently attracted 20 to 25 knappers from many states from California to Montana. The knap-ins were always fun and were attended by seasoned as well as beginning knappers. Although knapping was the primary objective, the Moses Lake Knap-in was popular for its BBQ Rib Potluck and Adele’s home-made ice cream. The knap-in was also known for its family camaraderie
and activities such as tractor-pulled hay rides, damascus knife making, fishing and kayaking that were included in the knap-in activities. Ken was always eager to help teach new flintknappers how to make arrows, blades and knives.
To those that knew him he always had a wry smile as he tried to keep his friends entertained with stories of his adventures. We will miss one of the great Flintknapping promoters of the Northwest – Eagle-beak Two-chicken, aka Kenneth ‘Cal’ Calvert.

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