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Knapping Artwork by Woody Woodside

(some of Woodys Art is for Sale - in interested contact him @ 


August 2021 Updates from Woody

Mexican rainbow obsidian

February 2021 Updates from Woody

Weathered Pronghorn Sheds, Blades - One Green Sheen Obsidian the other Blue. Both 18 inches long

January 2020 Updates from Woody

Bison Pokers - Davis Creek rainbow obsidian.

December 2019 Updates from Woody

The latest from Woody, 12-16-15 - Tools are art too!

Knives are Woody's Specialty

I found a piece of driftwood that looked like a fish head, so, I added a pair of abalone eyes, a coat of spar varnish, and a blade knapped form Glass Buttes Gold Sheen obsidian.

Woody  Here are both sides


Something Different - Polished Examples of Knappable Rock

Goldsheen Obsidian

Silversheen Obsidian

A Variety of Obsidian


Teanaway River Jadeite


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