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The Last Swoose Point

John Alexander aka 'Swoose" was a remarkable flintknapper - especially to those that knew him and his work.  Although best known for his 'forked stick fluting technique' perhaps his most famous creation was the curved 'Swoose Point'.

In April of 2005, PSK members Joe Higgins, Jim Smith and Tom Sterling made a 2,192.4 mile road trip to attend what was to be Bill Metcalf's last Fredricksburg Knap-in.  While there, they were luck enough to meet and knap with both Bill and 'Swoose'.

And here's probably the last curved point Swoose ever made - photographed by PSK member Jim Smith at Bill Metcalf's last Fredericksburg Knap-in, April 2005, just seven months before his passing,  According to Jim Smith , Swoose said it would be the last curved point he'd ever make.  This point sold as part of a charity auction for around $400 - a heck of a deal!  

John Alexander aka 'Swoose' passed away January 4th, 2008.

To learn more about this remarkable flintknapper visit Ray Harwood's Blog, specifically http://flintknappingdigest.blogspot.com/2010/12/swoose.html


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