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Shawn Woods Art Gallery

Shawn Woods took up flintknapping in March of 2009 at the annual Glass Buttes knap-in.  His objective while at Glass Buttes was to first obtain knappable rock and second to learn how to make a suitable point for a self-made arrow to go along with the vine maple self-bow he made.  His ultimate goal was to take big game, mainly deer with the bow and arrows he was making.  By the Fall of 2011 he'd achieved all these goals and more. 

Here are a couple of links to videos Shawn has produced where he re-creates Otzi the Iceman's arrows.  His re-creation, using materials, tools and techniques so identical to those found on or near Otzi's final resting place or of the period, is simple amazing. 

Enjoy the videos - I hope to someday put the videos on this page rather than just the link.

Otzi the Iceman's Arrow - Part 1

Otzi the Iceman's Arrow - Part 2

YouTube Video - First deer harvested with self-bow and arrow!

Photos of first deer harvested with self-bow and arrow.





Columbia White-Tail Deer taken with Civil War Muzzelloader

YouTube Video


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