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Knapping Artwork by Scott Cannaday

I began breaking rock in 2011 while attending a PSK hands on demonstration at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Given the stressful job I was in at the time it turned out to be the perfect hobby. I'd come home all stressed out, go to the garage, bash some rock, occasionally making a decent point and be a more fun person to be around.

After some large unknown number of pounds of sacrificial obsidian my percentage of broken points decreased and a basic competency level was achieved making the hobby even more rewarding. The beauty of flint knapping is it's a constant learning process, there's always room to improve, a new material, style of point or technique to try. Flint knapping is a dynamic relationship between the knappers skill and unique properties of the raw rock.

My current skills are directly related to observing and learning from some of the best knappers in the Northwest whom I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with at various PSK events.

March 2021 - First Photos from Scott!

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