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NOTE: This file contains examples of bone (also ivory, antler, shell and wood/plant) points. There is as yet no specific cultural division of these artifacts in place. There are three specific sections as noted below.

1) BONE, IVORY, ANTLER & SHELL (Main section)
(584 images: 292 source images/292 thumbnails)


Technically, this database encompasses point technologies of North America: Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. Given that a) these are relatively recent political constructs that had nothing to do with Native Peoples and their distribution and b) that areas roughly contiguous to the focus area may be connected to developments within the focus area, the defined range of inclusion is flexible.

Thus, Greenland and Central/South American artifact examples will be found here.

(9 images: 9 source images)

Harpoon heads of various kinds predominate in this component. There is a simple overview of toggling and non-toggling harpoons following this first section. It discusses the origin and dissemination of the technologies concerned, at least in a context related to North America. Use your EDIT-SEARCH function in the top tool bar and type in “harpoon technology” to go directly to this component.

(78 images: 39 source images/39 thumbnails)

There is also a second related category: “Exotic Bone, Ivory, Antler & Shell” which presents a look at bone point technologies outside the main focus area of the database.

This far-flung survey was added for the simple reason that I was interested in how other early peoples (and some very recent or extant peoples) used these materials for their weapons/hunting systems. Are there similarities? Do technologies differ greatly or are there innovations explored in some areas – but not in others?

To locate this component, use your EDIT-SEARCH function in the top tool bar and type in “exotic” to go directly to the beginning of this modest but hopefully interesting section.

BONE, IVORY & ANTLER POINT THUMBNAIL GALLERY (584 images: 292 source images/292 thumbnails)

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Work In Progress - To Be Continued

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