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Walnut Canyon

Associated Dates: 850 – 700 Y.B.P./font>


General Description: Notch is one-quarter to halfway up the blade. Concave base forms a “V” and may form ears

ABOVE: WALNUT01 AND WALNUT02: Walnut Canyon point; Coconino Co., Arizona; 1.5 inches (38.1mm). Source: Tony Wright, Arrowheads dot com



Associated Dates: 6000 – 4000 Y.B.P.




Associated Dates: 3000 1500 Y.B.P.


ABOVE: WARITO01: Warito point; Tennessee; ID is provisional – although the owner assures me it’s papered as a Warito, and it was found on a Benton site, this point lacks the C-shaped corner-notching other Waritos exhibit yet looks very Hardin-like. Identification must be regarded as provisional at this point.



Associated Dates: 5500 – 4500 Y.B.P

ABOVE: WARAT01: Waratan point; Mathews Co., Virginia. Source: Mobjack Relics



Associated Dates: 9000 – 5000 Y.B.P.


WARRICK POINT THUMBNAIL GALLERY (10 images: 5 source images/5 thumbnails)

Warrick 1 Warrick 2 Warrick 3 Warrick 4 Warrick 5


ABOVE: WARK01: Warrick point; Indiana; 3.68 inches (92mm)


ABOVE: WARK02 AND WARK03: Warrick point; Pulaski Co., Illinois; 1.5 inches (38.1mm)


ABOVE: WARK04 AND WARK05: Warrick point; no details; 2.06 inches (52.3mm)

Wasco Knife

Associated Dates: 9000 6000 Y.B.P.

WASCO KNIFE THUMBNAIL GALLERY: 6 images: 3 source images/3 thumbnails

Wasco Knife 1 Wasco Knife 2 Wasco Knife 3



ABOVE, L-R: WASC01, WASC02 AND WASC03: Wasco Knives; no details


Associated Dates: 6000 – 4000 Y.B.P.


************ End of Walnut to Washington - Complete ************

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