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For specifically identified Type II varieties, see next category/section: Scottsbluff Type II.
For specifically identified Type III varieties, see the section after that: Scottsbluff Type III.

NOTE: Each of the latter-named sections has its own Thumbnail Gallery.

Associated Dates: 8800 – 8400 Y.B.P. Cody Complex correlation on the Plains (Justice, 1987, 1995); dates may vary regionally



LEFT MAP: Scottsbluff Type I Distribution                 RIGHT MAP: Scottsbluff Type II Distribution

MAP ABOVE: Distribution of the Eastern Stemmed Lanceolate point, a localized eastern form of the Scottsbluff

General Description:

There are two main types of Scottsbluff points plus one lesser variation in Wisconsin. Type I points possess triangular or parallel-sided blades with weak shoulders and broad stems. Flaking is usually a transverse parallel style but can also be irregular. Type II points are nearly the same as Type I except they have wider triangular blades and have thin lenticular cross sections with more clearly defined shoulders. The type III has slight basal ears on some specimens in Wisconsin. (Justice; 1987, 1995).

Scottsbluff points are diagnostic of the Cody Complex in the plains along with Eden points and Cody Knives. A single Scottsbluff point was stratigraphically the deepest diagnostic artifact in the Cody Complex zone at the Claypool site in Colorado, where a series of Eden points and Cody knives were found. (Justice 1987:47)

Further General Description: This medium to large point has straight to convex edges and rectangular stem. Shoulders are weak and angular. The stem may be straight to slightly expanded, basal edges straight to slightly convex. The stem edge is sometimes ground. Western Scottsbluff points tend to have parallel flaking; South Central Scottsbluff points are usually random flaked. This point was named by E.H. Barbour and C. B. Schultz.

The Stringtown point is described by some sources as an eared version of the Scottsbluff although there seems to be no definitive link as of this writing (Justice, 1987, 1995).

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