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Associated Dates: 9000 – 6000 Y.B.P

*NOTE: some authorities divide the Hardin into two or more separate forms. Where this occurs, the most salient categories are “Hardin,” “Hardin Barbed,” “Hardin Knobbed” and “Hardin Stemmed.” Other authorities make no attempt to differentiate forms and employ the umbrella term “Hardin.”

Championing a particular viewpoint is not the purpose of this resource. For ease in listing this form (or forms), all Hardin-type points are placed in a single category. Users of this database are free to further divide this section as they see fit – MS


Above, right: the two most common form outlines of Hardin-type points. In this database, both are simply termed “Hardin.”

HARDIN POINT THUMBNAIL GALLERY (642 images: 321 source images/321 thumbnails)

Hardin 1 Hardin 2 Hardin 3 Hardin 4
Hardin 5 Hardin 6 Hardin 7 Hardin 8
Hardin 9 Hardin 10 Hardin 11 Hardin 12
Hardin 13 Hardin 14 Hardin 15 Hardin 16
Hardin 17 Hardin 18 Hardin 19 Hardin 20
Hardin 21 Hardin 22 Hardin 23 Hardin 24
Hardin 25 Hardin 26 Hardin 27 Hardin 28
Hardin 29 Hardin 30

ABOVE: HARD01: Hardin point; Tennessee; 4.31 inches (107.75mm)

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