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Kenji Sekiguchi Art Gallery

Kenji Sekiguchi is new to flintknapping and new to the PSK having joined us on March 7, 2015.  

Kenji lives in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia and to his, and our, knowledge is the only flintknapper in Indonesia.  He already understands archery and is now on a journey to make stone tools!

To learn more about Kenji visit his blog: Kenji's blog

March 2017 Update from Kenji

Demo for National TV 6-7-15

Obsidian Tipped Arrows - 5/12/15


Latest from Kenji, Bow and Arrow Set 3/3/15

Second Knapped Point - Obsidian

Third Knapped Point

Third Knapped Point - re-worked

Third Knapped Point - Sprite bottle glass

Fifth Knapped Point - Novaculite

Kenji stone hunting point

Kenji stone hunting point - hafted

Kenji Obsidian point hafted

Kenji Knapping

Kenji's Cahokia Obsidian Hunting Arrows

Indonesian Obsidian - has a 'Burns Green' look to it.

Latest from Kenji, Glass Arrowhead - 4/4/15.


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