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Knapping Artwork by Jim Smith

Jim Smith has been a member of the PSK for so long only the founding members remember a time without him. And no one who know Jim can imagine the PSK without him.  He has probably attended more PSK (and non-PSK) knap-ins than any other member and his presence is always welcomed. Jim is always front and center when it comes to teaching and demonstrating the ancient aJS of flintknapping. A brief tour of past PSK events, particularly those involving teaching young people and noobies, and you will find Jim Smith. Active in all aspects of our community - from his role as our Ooga Booga Spirit Guide to his participation on the PSK Council of Elders, Jim's contribution is legendary.

March 2023 Updates from Jim Smith

Ooga Booga Spirit Guide

Teaching at the Nova School

Teaching at the Cedar Tree Montessori School

Talking Flintknapping at Cabelas

Bowyer Jim

New work 03-28-18 - Glass Buttes Auction - Beaded Sheath and Obsidian Knife

New work 01-22-15

New work 8-1-14

End of new work 8-1-14




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