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Knapping Artwork by Jim Miller

(some of Jim's art may be for sale - if interested in purchasing please contact Jim @ )

Another long time member of the Puget Sound Knappers, Jim Miller is definitely a Master in the art of flintknapping.  As a geologist by professions, he know his ROCKS!  Coupled with an extraordinary talent for producing exquisite flake patterns, Jim has produced some of the most beautiful points in the knapping community. 

Jim is always easy to find at the knap-ins - just look for a bunch of knappers trying to learn more of his techniques.  Always willing to help noobies, there are a lot of us in the PSK that can say we've learned from the best!

Jim has published more than a few articles on various aspects of flintknapping and is the author of the 'Flintknappers Guide to Rock' (available on CD).  He is also the primary contributor for the Heat Treating  Rock Guide found in the 'How-To' section.

August 2023 Update from Jim Miller

Quart - Palermo Pegmatite Mine in New Hampshire

May 2023 Update from Jim Miller

Point styles from left to right: Pickwick (3.6 inches) Etley (5.8 inches) Genesee (4.9 inches) Dickson (3.9 inches) Hernando (2.1 inches)

February 2023 Update from Jim Miller

Palmero Quartz Hardin

NV Jasper Dovetail

Crescent Knife in Polish Flint

Chalcedony Plainview

October 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Opalized Wood C_N

Hixton Plainview A

Crystal Quartz Dovetail A

Carnelian Agate Eastgate

Brecciated Jasper Base-Notch

September 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Crystalline Quartz Plainview.

Rough Palermo Quartz from a crystal miner in Maine

10 Palermo Quartz points!

Burns Obsidian Swirl

Keokuk Turkeytail Harrison

Polish Flint Beaver Lake

Spotted Jasper Trio

Stemmed Mookite Blade

Stemmed Petrified Wood Blade

Striped Porcellanite Holland

July 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Corner-Notch

Bloodstone Scotty

Carnelian Agate Corner-Notch

Ft. Hood Chert Turkeytail

Jasper Dagger Blade

Montana Agate Allen

Paiute Agate Angostura A

Paiute Agate Angostura B

TX Jasp-Agate Scotty

June 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Beaver Lake Blade

Jim Common Opal Point Frame

Jim Obsidian Point Frame

Jim Petrified Wood Point Frame

Jim Point Variety Frame #1

Jim Point Variety Frame #2

Polish Flint Angostura

April 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Oolitic Holland Blade

Palm Wood Shark A

Palm Wood Shark b

Striped Pet Wood Corner-Notch A

Striped Pet Wood Corner-Notch B

Brazil Agate Arrowhead

Clear Agate Langtry

Mook Hardin A

Mook Hardin B

Agatized Wood Elko A

Agatized Wood Elko b

Chalcedony Turtle A

Chalcedony Turtle B

March 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Texas Chert Fish

Largemouth Bass

Sunset Jasper Dovetail

Februaryy 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Spotted Hixton Blade A

Spotted Hixton Blade B

Spanish Diggings Macorkle

Kaolin Flint Gibson

January 2022 Update from Jim Miller

Jasper Lerma Blade

Amethyst-Sage Base-Notch A

Amethyst-Sage Base-Notch B

Agatized Algae Base-Notch

November 2021 Update from Jim Miller

Duck River Swords were ceremonial blades and dance blades. At 7.6 inches long, this one is at the short end of the authentic examples. A cache with Duck River blades up to 30 inches long was found about 100 years ago.

Duck River blade today. It is 7.6 inches long and made out of a slab of banded flint from central Texas.

Pet Wood Side-Notch Blade

Pike County Blade B

Pike County Blade A

China Hollow San Jacinto

Banded Carnelian Agate Hernando

Burlington Chert Afton

Paiute Dovetail with Hole

Brecciated Jasper Agate Basin S1

Brecciated Jasper Agate Basin S2

Brecciated Jasper Gahagan S1

Brecciated Jasper Gahagan S2

September 2021 Update from Jim Miller

Keeper Case Colorful

Keeper Case Common Opal

Keeper Case Miscellaneous

Keeper Case Obsidian

Keeper Case Petrified Wood

Quartz Crystal Side-Notch

Three Porcellanite Blades

Burgundy Porcellanite C_N

Hole-in-the-Wall S_N

May 2021 Update from Jim Miller

Brecciated Chalcedony Scotty 1

Brecciated Chalcedony Scotty 1

April 2021 Update from Jim Miller

Simpson in Paiute Agate

Tallassee Point in MT Agate

Stromatolite Base-Notch

Simpson in Carnelian Agate

Hillsborough in Agate

Hole-in-the-Wall Group

Santa Fe Blade in Montana Agate

Santa Fe in Banded Carnelian

March 2021 Update from Jim Miller

Petrified Bog S/N Blade

Ocean Wave Jasper Base-Notch

Banded Jasper Agate Basin

Imperial Jasper Greenbrier

Nevada Jasper Round-Base

February 2021 Update from Jim Miller

Butterscotch Flint Blade

White Chalcedony Blade

Payson Chert Blade

Burgundy Porcellanite Eden

Pinto Basin Blade in Jasper

December 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Brazilian Agate Arrowhead

Rutilated Quartz Neuberger

Imperial Jasper Beaver Lake

Lavender Porcellanite Corner-Notch

September 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Lavender Perdiz Spanish Diggings

Opalized Wood Corner-Notch 1

Opalized Wood Corner-Notch 2

San Bruno Point

August 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Brazilian Agate Adena A

Brazilian Agate Adena B

Serrated Brazilian Point A

Serrated Brazilian Point B

Amethyst Agate Dart Point

China Hollow Agate Basin

Jasper Benton Blade

Mexican Moss Angostura

Montana Agate Plainview

Striped Montana Point

July 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Blade A

Agatized Wood Blade B

Flame Bvr Lake A

Flame Bvr Lake B

Clay Flame A

Clay Flame B

Brazilian Beauty

June 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Polychrome Jasper Blade

Polychrome Jasper Hell Gap

Bloodstone MacCorkle

Gold Sheen Blade B

May 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Complex Jasper Scotty

Puddingstone Dickson A

Puddingstone Dickson B

Obsidian Obsession Blades

Pumpkin Obsidian Snake

Jasper Haskett Blade

'S' Dagger - 1

'S' Dagger - 2

Pumpkin Ceremonial Blade

April 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Banded Polish Flint Quad

Bulls-Eye Jasper Dovetail

Hell Gap Blade in Indian Paintbrush Jasper

Imperial Jasper Buchanan Blade

KRF Angostura a

Oregon Jasper Dovetail

Red Jasper Dart Point

Tree Fern Corner-Notch

Mar 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Swedish Flint Clovis S2

Swedish Flint Clovis S1

Stemmed Owyhee Blade S2

Stemmed Owyhee Blade S1

Spanish Flint Base-Notch

Clear Agate Side-Notch

February 2020 Update from Jim Miller

Black Butter Blade

Corner-Notch in Opalized Wood

Green Moss Agate

Sunset Jasp-Agate

Spanish Flint Points

November 20, 2019 Update from Jim Miller

Agate Gem Point

Banded Brazilian Agate Adena View 1

Banded Brazilian Agate Adena View 2

Banded Brazilian Agate Adena View 3

Brown Spanish Diggings Base-Notch

China Hollow Side-Notch

October 6, 2019 Update from Jim Miller

Bloodstone Base-Notch

China Hollow Beaver Lake 1

China Hollow Beaver Lake 2

Green Moss Agate Corner-Notch

Imperial Jasper Holland

Orange Hixton Cahokla

8-12-2019 Update from Jim Miller

Mexican Moss Agate Cascade

Mookite Beaver Lake Blade

Obsidian Fish

Turtle in Pumpkin Obsidian

8-4-2019 Update from Jim Miller

Adena Blade in Indonesian Coral

Base-Notch in Dendritic Agate

Langtry Point in Paiute Agate

Light Green Opal Corner-Notch

Neuberger Point in Yellow Sunset

Plume Agate Corner-Notch

Rutilated Quartz Dovetail

Sunset Jasper Dovetail

Silver Sheen Dovetail S1

Silver Sheen Dovetail S2

Millers Westside School Clovis Side 1

Millers Westside School Clovis Side 2

4-21-2019 Update from Jim Miller

Amethyst Agate Angostura 1

Amethyst Agate Angostura 2

Amethyst Agate Holland 1

Amethyst Agate Holland 2

4-8-2019 Update from Jim Miller

Rainbow Obsidian Bi-Point

Rainbow Obsidian Corner-Notch Side 1

Rainbow Obsidian Corner-Notch Side 2

3-19-2019 Update from Jim Miller

Polish Flint Etley Side 1

Polish Flint Etley Side 2

Polish Flint Agate Basin Side 1

Polish Flint Agate Basin Side 2

3-4-2019 Update from Jim Miller

AZ Wood Wray Point 1

AZ Wood Wray Point 2

AZ Wood Wray Point 3

Agatized Coral Fishtail Blade

Silicified Coral Corner-Notch

Polish Flint Agate Basin Blade

Paiute Snyders 1

MT Agate Swallowtail Point

Inkspot WY Quartzite Blade

10-11-18 Update from Jim Miller

Blackskin Agate Corner-Notch

Lace Obsidian Dovetail Blade

Pedernales Point in Chalcedony

Silicified Coral Midland

Spanish Diggings Midland

Sunset Jasper Stemmed Point

Swirled Obsidian Dovetail

07-25-18 Update from Jim Miller

Amber Hixton Pine Tree 1

Amber Hixton Pine Tree 2

Brazilian Agate C-N Split Stem

Brazilian Agate C-N Split Stem

Brecciated Jasper C_N 1

Brecciated Jasper C_N 2

Hartville Fox Valley Point

Hixton Beaver Lake

Mookite Corner-Notch

Paiute Agate Pelican Lake Blade

Reeds Spring Graham Cave

Quad Quadruplet

05-24-18 Update from Jim Miller

Lanceolate Blade Belize Chert 1

Lanceolate Blade Belize Chert 2

Lanceolate Blade Belize Chert 3

05-24-18 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Coral Perdiz 1

Agatized Coral Perdiz 2

Agatized Coral Hardin 1

Agatized Coral Hardin 2

05-14-18 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Angostura 1

Agatized Wood Angostura - Backlit

Aussie Pink Opal Trio

Knife River Flint Hanna Blade

Polka Dot Agate Stemmed Beauty

04-19-18 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Angostura

Brazilian Agate Steuben

Quartz Crystal Rippled Flakes 1

03-10-18 Update from Jim Miller

Opalized Bog Corner-Notch

Opalized Peat Bog Points

02-22-18 Update from Jim Miller, cont.

Afton Point in Goldfields Chert

Banded Carnelian Agate Dovetail

Burro Creek Purple Arrowhead

Paiute Agate Waubesa

Petrified Wood Elko Corner-Notch

01-02-18 Update from Jim Miller, cont.

Green Moss Agate S-N Blade

Montana Moss Agate Midland

Polka Dot Agate Stemmed Blade

12-20-17 Update from Jim Miller

Spanish Diggings Serrated Stilwell

Complex Agate C-N Blade

Deschutes Jasper S-N S1

Deschutes Jasper S-N S2

Flint Ridge Graham Cave Blade

11-10-17 Update from Jim Miller, cont.

China Hollow Turin Blade

LeCroy Point in Ft. Hood Chert

Paiute Agate Holland Blade

Paiute Agate Holland Blade

Paiute Agate St. Charles

10-15-17 Update from Jim Miller

Brazilian Backlit Beauties!

Brazilian Agate Besant

Brazilian Agate Scottsbluff

Brazilian Agate Stemmed Blade

8-19-17 Update from Jim Miller

Flint Ridge Quad

Frisco Agate Basin

Reeds Spring Dalton

7-31-17 Update from Jim Miller

China Hollow Jasp-Agate Holland view 1

China Hollow Jasp-Agate Holland view 2 (backlit)

Green Moss Agate St. Charles

JM Spotted Novaculite Graham Cave

JM Porcellanite Heart

7-06-17 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Hardin

Agatized Wood Hardin (backlit)

Blackskin Agate Arrowhead

KRF Stemmed Knife

KRF Stemmed Knife (backlit)

6-25-17 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Corner-Notch

Agatized Wood Corner-Notch (backlit)

Petrified Wood Corner-Notch Blade

5-2-17 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Wood Side-Notch

Polka Dot Agate Allen Point 1

Polka Dot Agate Allen Point 2

4-10-17 Update from Jim Miller

Mexican Imperial Jasper Side-Notch

Petrified Wood Holland

Texas Jasper Beaver Lake

3-18-17 Update from Jim Miller

Brazilian Corner-Notch

Bunny Snyders

Burgundy & Gray Porcellanite Blade

Montana Moss Agate Side-Notch

Spotted Hixton Corner-Notch

1-5-17 Update from Jim Miller

Reeds Spring Dalton

Sunset Jasper Martindale

12-12-16 Update from Jim Miller

Rainbow Obsidian Dovetail

Tecovas Jasper Holland

11-15-16 Update from Jim Miller

Indian Blanket Jasper Blade

Lavender Spanish Diggings Plainview

10-23-16 Update from Jim Miller

Evergreen Opal Snyders

Yellow-Striped Porcellanite Dovetail

Yellow-Striped Porcellanite Blade

08-12-16 Update from Jim Miller

Flame Agate Corner Notch - view 1

Flame Agate Corner Notch - view 2

Maybelline Chert Side -Notch.jpg

Paiute Agate Ensor 1 - view 1

Paiute Agate Ensor - view 2

Polka Dot Agate Corner Notch

Pumpkin Obsidian Ceremonial Blades

Davis Creek Rainbow Presentation Point

Davis Creek Rainbow Obsidian Slab provided by James Keffer, knapped by Jim Miller and presented to Russell Thornberry, Host of the 2016 Rocky Mountain House Knap-in, Albertal, Canada July 15th - 18th

Unfortunately due to inclement weather and lack of sunshine the terrifec color is not visible.

06-19-16 Update from Jim Miller

West Texas Plume Jasper Corner Notch

06-5-16 Update from Jim Miller

Montana Agate Gull Wing

Mottled Green Opal Dovetail

05-30-16 Update from Jim Miller

Evergreen Opal Jack 's Reef

Nevada Moss Opal B-N 1

May 2016/Nevada Moss Opal B-N 1

05-02-16 Update from Jim Miller

Red Spot of Jupiter Point. This cool red spot only appeared after flaking off the cortex of a small nodule of Texas chert.

04-08-16 Update from Jim Miller

Opalized Wood Side-Notch

Petrified Wood Dovetail Blonde

02-23-16 Update from Jim Miller

Agate Basin Blade in Keokuk

Amethyst Agate Stemmed Blade

Opalized Wood Stemmed Blade

Pumpkin Obsidian Blade

02-09-16 Update from Jim Miller

Green Silicified Ash Blade

Jasp-Agate Lavender & Gold Blade

Burgundy Porcellanite (FOG)

Red and Yellow Mookite B-N Side 1

Red and Yellow Mookite B-N Side 2

02-01-16 Update from Jim Miller

Deschutes Corner-Notch

Deschutes Jacks Reef

Kaolin Corner-Notch

01-09-16 Update from Jim Miller

Opalized Wood Side-Notch - This opalized wood point has absolutely amazing preservation of wood grain detail.

Opalized Wood Side-Notch Side 1

Opalized Wood Side-Notch Side 2

Jasper-Agate Benton Blade - Percussion blade is 5.1 inches long

Striped Porcellanite Side-Notch

12-16-15 Update from Jim Miller

Mexican Rainbow Blade Side 1


Mexican Rainbow Blade Side 2


Dendritic Agate Holland

Jasper Adena

11-24-15 Update from Jim Miller

Agatized Algae Corner Notch

Swirled Obsidian Corner Notch

Swirled Obsidian Corner Notch II

Texas Flint Hafted Drill

9-27-15 Update from Jim Miller

"Petrified Wood Stemmed Blade" This one has pretty interesting grain and color transition.

Something Different from Jim Miller - Knapped Fish

7-19-15 Update from Jim Miller

"Quartz Crystal Side Notch" This side-notch point is 3 inches long and made out of water-clear crystal quartz from Brazil. The ripples on the flake scars are produced by the internal crystal structure of the quartz.

6-28-15 Update from Jim Miller

"Scotty Style/Biggs Jasper"

6-4-15 Update from Jim Miller

Rose Quartz Trio crystalline rose quartz that I purchased at Richardsonís Ranch.

I was amazed that they held together with all the internal crystal shadows and flaws. It wasnít easy knapping, I can tell you that!"

5-30-15 Update from Jim Miller

Burgundy Quartzite Corner-Notch from a Montana river cobble

Carnelian Corner Notch from heate-treated Carnelian Agate

4-21-15 Update from Jim Miller

Etley blade is made out of butterscotch-colored coastal plains flint from Georgia; it is 6.3 inches long

Stemmed blade is Knife River flint from North Dakota - 5.0 inches long.

Jim Miller - The Gold Standard!

The center point is was knapped from Amethyst and Sage Agate From Nevada. The duplicates were made by the lost wax casting process. The gold point is cast mainly from gold that I have mined over the years, plus some jewelry scrap gold. The gold point weighs 131.6 grams, which is about 4.23 troy ounces. The gold is probably about 18 karat, which means that it contains about 3.17 ounces of pure gold. At today’s gold price, the gold content alone is worth a little over $4,000. The silver duplicate is cast out of sterling silver. The weight difference between the gold and silver is quite noticeable, because of the specific gravity difference between gold and silver. Pure gold is nearly twice as dense as silver. The silver duplicate weighs about 75 grams, which is about 2.4 troy ounces of pure silver. The one on the left is gold, on the right is silver!

January 29, 2015 - Incredible Flintridge w/Seashell!

Flint Ridge Point with Shell Fossil

January 20, 2015 - A Great Start to 2015!

Onondaga Chert Adena

New Years Eve Contribution - What a way to end the Year!

Jasp-Agate Ensor

Texas Chert Stilwell

TX Brecciated Chalcedony Snyders

TX Root Beer S_N 1

TX Root Beer S_N 2


New Points 12-14-14

Green Imperial Jasper Base-Notch

Montana Firstview

New Point 12-1-14

Plume Agate Elko

New Points 11-13-14

Jasper - Agate Dalton Classic

Owyhee Jasper C-N Blade

New Points 9-15-14

(made from Flintridge chert brought back by Barry Bonnell  - see Barry Bonnell Flintridge Visit)

New Points 8/24/14

Green Imperial Jasper Blade

Orange Opalized Wood Adena

Pearly Peacock Obsidian Point

Two Tone Opal B-N Point

New Points 8/17/14

Barseback Flint Spearpoint

Burlington Dovetail Lg 

Orange Opalized Wood C-N

Two-Tone Opal C-N

New Points 7/1/14

Clown Jasper Point

JM Jasp-Agate C-N Arrowhead

JM Texas Chert Snyders

JM Montana Moss Arrowhead

White Opalized Wd Blade - two views

New Points 6/25/14

China Hollow Langtry

Novaculite Agate Basin Blade

OR Opalized Wood C-N 2

OR Opalized Wood C-N

Orange Mook Scotty

New Points 5/31/14

Amethyst Agate Dovetail

COQ Angostura

New Points 4/29/14

Agatized Algae Clovis


Banded Jaser Beaver Lake


Jeff City Hardin


New Points January 2014

Heat Treated China Hollow Jasper

New Points June 2013 - Hixtons

Newest Points September 23, 2011

Variety of China Hollow Material

August 23, 2011

Holland Style - Agatized Wood from Vantage, Washington

Fire Obsidian Dovetail

Keokuk Chert Lance Blade

LONG Texas Flint Blade

Owhyee Blue Opal

Montana Moss Agate                                                                       Quartz Crystal


                                                                      Green Ash Thebes                                                                                      

Green Imperial Jasper



Indonesian Coral Dovetail

Knife River Flint - Knife Blade

                                     Opal Butte                                                                                               Palmwood Dalton


Red Chacledony Split Base


Thunder Egg Agate - 'Eye of the Storm'

Madagascar Agate


              Biggs Jasper Dovetail

     Jasper Bat


Carnelian Agate


Dendritic Opal Blade

Swedish Chert Turkeytail

Utah Jasper Holland Point

Sahara Jasper Dovetail

Opalized Sycamore Blade

Opalized Wood Dovetail

Porcellanite Angostura Blade

Hixton Quartzite Stillwell

Kay County Chert Adena

Agate Folsom

Banded Brazilian Agate

Agee Point Parade

Pink Burlington Chert Folsom

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