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Henry Payne Art Gallery

Henry is one of the most active members of the PSK and attends many, of not most of our events!  He's very active in spreading the ancient art of flintknapping and host the annual PSK knap-in at Cabelas in Springfield, OR.  Henry also teaches at every opportunity he gets, from the very young to senior  citizens like himself.   

Henry, being an Oregonian, works mostly with obsidian, most of which comes from Glass Buttes.   He has a great eye for finding the best Midnight Lace around!

Henry's also a great photographer and contributes a great deal to the knap-in reports.  He's also one of the better photographers of knapped art.  Henry also has another great asset - his wife Rosalie it a stalwart participator in PSK events and her contributions to the various potluck dinners are almost legendary!

Here's some of Henry's art:














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