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Eli Walton Art Gallery

Eli joined the Puget Sound Knappers after his Dad saw us at the 2013 Cabelas' Lacey Store Knap-in.  Both Eli and his father have become serious contributors to the PSK family, especially at knap-ins where they bring their towable barbecue grill and separate commercial stove.  Their specialties are barbecue pork and blueberry pancakes!

Eli has a natural gift for knapping, becoming quite proficient in just the last year.  He also has a very artistic eye - take a look!

Bighorn Knife Side A

Bighorn Knife Side B

Bison Knife Side A

Bison Knife Side B

Cabin Knife Side A

Cabin Knife Side B

Teepee Knife Side A

Teepee Knife Side B (Canoe)

Wood Handle Skinner

Buffalo Skinner Side A

Buffalo Skinner Side B

Double Notch Ishi Side A

Double Notch Ishi Side B

Turkey Tail Side A

Turkey Tail Side B

Spear Point Side A

Spear Point Side B

Corner Notch Side A

Corner Notch Side B

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