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Knapping Artwork by Dave Rauschenberg



PSK Totem - Designed and Carved by Artist Dave Rauschenberg

Presented to Joe Higgins and the Puget Sound Knappers

November 17, 2010 at Ft. Knapadonia

(currently on display at the Fort)


April 2022 Update from Dave Raushcenberg

Macuahuitls - Oh My!!!


From February 2016 by Dave Raushcenberg


Latest Work - February 2016



'A real Booger!'


Some of More of Dave's Points





Neck Knife given to 'Mink' a new PSK member (December 2012) - for putting up with the Knapadonia Gang!

Handle -Polished  Elk Rib Bone, Blade - Texas Pedernales Flint , Sheath - Rawhide and Rattlesnake skin, deerhair dangles  

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