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Knapping/Paleo Artwork by Cole Hurst

Another long-time member of the PSK and host of the Wenatchee Knap-in, Cole may be best known of his exquisite ceremonial dance blades, prized by the Northern California Native America tribes.  One of the very few (if not only) knappers to use a chain saw (yes,  a chain saw) to cut large slabs, Cole gets the most of of his rock!

And though he's famous for his large blades, his smaller work is a testimony to his true  knapping skill.  His artistic talent extends to reproductions of Native American attire - headdresses and cerimonal wear.  

 Cole is easy to spot at our knap-ins.   Like many of the PSK Master Knappers,  he's ususally found giving free instruction to newbies or contributing to the community points.

Ceremonial Dance Blades - Obsidian

Ceremonial Obsidian Dance Blade w/Thong Handle

5-24-2019 Update from Cole Hurst - Macuahuitl and Friends!


Macuahuitl 2

Macuahuitl 3

 Obsidian Blades - Mexican Green (left), Davis Creek Rainbow (right)

Display Case

Display Case (close-up)

Reproduction Native Americal Ceremonial Head Dress

Ceremonial Native American Skirt (mink)

Ceremonial Bead Necklace

Traditional Shell Necklace

Ceremonial Native Americal Sash


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