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by Chip Batcheller

MATERIALS:   Arrowhead (notched is best)
                          22ga copper wire OR 22ga half hard square sterling silver wire
                          26ga copper wire OR 22ga half hard half round sterling silver wire

TOOLS:12 inch ruler
               Flat nosed pliers
               Round nose pliers
               Wire cutters
               Marking pen
`              Masking tape
               ¼ inch dowel about 2 inches long

1.  Using a small pieces of masking tape, mark your arrowhead front and back.  On the back side, mark the centerline at the notch of the arrowhead. 

2.  Using a piece of scrap copper wire, starting at the centerline mark, makes two complete wraps around the arrowhead notch.  Unwrap and measure the length of the wire, add five inches to this length.  This is the length of wire you will need.  Measure the length of the wire and mark the center with your marking pen.

3.  Match the center point of the wire to the centerline on the back of the arrowhead.   Take the right wire and wrap it tightly around the notch and across the back of the arrowhead.  Repeat with the left wire.  Mark both wires where they cross the centerline.

4.  With your flat nose pliers, bend each wire at the center mark, 90 degrees away from the back of the arrowhead.

5.  With the 26ga copper or 22ga half round (if using silver) wrapping wire make 4-5 wraps around the two wires  leaving about four inches of excess wire.  Gently bend the two wires up, in line with the centerline and flush with the back of the arrowhead.

6.  With the front of the arrowhead facing away from you, put the ¼ inch dowel across the two wires at the top of the arrowhead.  Roll the wires back towards you around the dowel.  With your thumbs push the wires under the dowel and roll the dowel forward slightly.  This forms the bail.

7.   With the excess wrapping wire, wrap the 4 wires with another 4-5 wraps and cut off the excess.  Bury the bitter end behind the bail.

8.  There are two ways to finish off the bail. 
      8a. Bend each of the wires 180 degrees up (parallel to the bail).  Cut them and bury the bitter end behind the bail.
      8b. Make a floret.  Cut the wires about an inch below the bail.  Bend each wire 90 degrees away from the bail.  With the round nose pliers, make a very small loop around the end of one of the plier’s jaws.  With the flat nose pliers, grasp the wire where the end of the wire meet itself and rotate towards the centerline.  Repeat until the coil of wire is tight against the bail.

9.  The completed wrap may be a little loose.  You can tighten with the flat nose pliers.  On the front of the arrowhead, grasp the bottom wire with the side edge of the pliers at the center line and twist the center point down.  Repeat with the top wire bending it up.  This forms a diamond shape.  You can repeat this on the back if needed.

Completed wire wrapped arrowheads and a necklace, shown both front and back.

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