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Custom Dust Collector

Courtesy of Bill 'Knapper Bill' Thomas 

Below is a dust collecting system for indoor knapping created by PSK member "Knapper Bill' Thomas.  The description also provided by Bill,

The blower/sucker came from
Harbor Freight tools. Ducts are sewer pipe and fittings. Flex hose is 2" wet/dry from ACE hardware. The dust pickup mounted bottom up
is a floor tool,  for a 2 " Vac. The hardest thing to find was the Out side 8" vent. Made just like a drier vent, with a flap. Most things available at Home Depot, and ACE hardware.

Observation from a fellow knapper (Reefer):  The flexible vacuum hose and attachment makes this setup quite handy for a variety of knapping methods.  The collection nozzle can easily be positioned to do the most good. 



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