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Labeling Points in Display Cases

by Jim Keffer

Label the points I put in my personal display cases has always seemed to be a challenge - at least to get them looking good. I've tried several methods - printed labels on plain paper (slid around inside the case), double-sided tape (mess up alignment) and single-sided tape (tape dried out and didn't hold).

I finally had an idea that worked out great!

I purchased a package of 3M brand Return Address Labels (Clear - 600 count - permanent adhesive - product number 3400-Q - $12.79/Office Depot) and downloaded the MS Word Template from the 3M website - 3M Display Templates

You can create 60 separate labels on a single sheet. The labels have an adhesive back and you can stick them on the glass outside the case or in the background inside the case. On glass the labels work great - and you can remove them (sometimes takes a razor blade). On the inside of the case they're far superior to schotch tape but can be removed (more difficult). I chose clear as it detracts less, especially if attached to the glass outside the case.

This has been the best solution for me and I'm quite satisfied with the results



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