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Community Events

The purpose of the Puget Sound Knappers Association is "To serve as a platform from which to promote and practice knapping basics and skills."

To this end we are actively involved in community events intended to enlighten, educate and entertain the public about the ancient art of flintknapping.  We provide support to the Recreational Rehabilitation Sevices of the Seattle VA Hospital, hold workshops and demonstrations at Senior centers and rock clubs, schools and other public venues.  Of particular focus are our efforts on behalf of young people.  From the Cub and Boy Scouts to school children of all ages, PSK members share their time and talents on a regular basis. 

 At each event we try not only to demonstrate and educate the public about the Art of Flintknapping but provide an opportunity for hands-on participation.  We provide free expert instruction, free knappable rock, and free loaner tools/safety equipment at most all events and welcome everyone to join in.  All of our public contributions are voluntary and entirely without cost to the participants.

If you or your organization would like to learn more about the ancient art of flintknapping - making stone tools the 'old school' way, you may contact the PSK webmaster, Jim Keffer, @  to schedule a demonstration/workshop.

Here are some of the recent public events that the PSK has supported:


*NEW Back to School II - PSK members dmonstrate at the Cedar Tree Montessori School, Bellingham, WA November 21st, 2012

*NEW* Back to School - PSK members demonstrate at the Samish Montessori School, Bellingham, WA November 28th , 2012

***NEW*** Harry Oda back teaching Flintknapping - Gig Harbor/Pierce County Library on Sat. 11-10-12

South Sound Gem & Mineral Show (Puyallup) Report November 9-11, 2012 

Archaeology Days at Grant County PUD  Wednesday October 10, 2012

Port Angeles Rock Show Report October 6, 7, 2012

*NEW*  Don L. Safford Demonstrates Flintknapper for School - May 23, 2012

Glad Mazerall Demonstrates Flintknapping a Canada National Aboriginal Days 2005

 Ice Age Adventures - 2012

Teaching the Scouts to Knap at Ft. Knapadonia - 2012

PSK 'Veterans Knap-in'






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