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2023 Pacific Crest Montessori Flintknapping/Atlatl/Archery Days
April 22nd, 2023
Host - James Keffer

Jim Keffer, along with friends and fellow flintknappers Jim Smith, Wayne Clark, Max Grow, Barry Bonnell, and Ken Graham, provided two free ays of Flintknapping/Atlatl and Archery hands-on workshops for a eighteen students from Pacific Crest Montessori School in Seattle, WA. For some of the students this was the secondor even third visit to the Shop and another chance to try flinknapping, for others their very first experience at Flintknapping Atlatl Dart Throwing and Archery

After a walk-around the shop to see a number of different examples of stone tools and art - everything from arrowheads to macuahuitls, the student split up into small groups, each with an experienced flintknapper/archer/atlatl instructor who demostrated each of the primitive skills. Following the demo, the student collaborated knapping projectile points or blades, followed by a trip to the Archery and Atlatl practice range.

It was all Hands-ON! Each student was outfitted with safety glasses, extra-small, nitrile-coated gloves, a leather lap pad, bopper and a nice obsidian spall for the knapping, bows and arrow and atlatls and darts. It was amazing to see the concentration and the effort put forth by these students!

At the end of the day, each student recieved a projectile point made by a PSK member (special thanks to Henry for his generous donation) and a baggie full of debitage of their choosing! And some great memories!

Photos by Karen Keith, Janet Rothnie and James Keffer

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