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2023 Glass Butte Gathering, Glass Buttes, Oregon
Saturday, March 26th-  Sunday April 2nd
Host Rocky Male

The timing of the annual Glass Buttes Knap-in corresponds to the Oregon Schools Spring Break Calendar.  In 2023 Spring Break is Monday, March 27th through FridayMarch 31th,   and the knap-in starts the Saturday before and ends the Sunday after!

The Glass Buttes Knap-in is held on Federal Land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM does not permit commercial activity or organized events.  This is an informal gathering of people with a common interest.  As a condition of using the Glass Buttes area the knappers provide sanitation facilities (Porta-Potties) and insure that the area is cleand of all trash at the end of the event.  The cost of these Porta-Potties is not insignificant and historically, one or two knappers have gone out on a limb and spent their own money up front to rent them.  It is these same knappers (or Host) that police thea area at the end of the event. Donations from those attending will help insure that we will be able to meet our commitments to provide sanitation facilities and keep in the good graces of the BLM!  Donations are absolutely voluntary but please donate if you can.  And pack out your trash!

Point of contact is Rocky Male ().   Rocky will be providing the Porta-Potties (and firewood) so keep him in mind when the donation bucket goes around. 


Get to Glass Buttes by driving to the Central Oregon Highway - Hwy 20 and the driving to milepost 77.  A dirt road goes south towards two volcanic peaks, Little Glass Butte is on the east and Big Glass Butte is on the west. The main camp is approximately 2.3 miles south of Hwy 20.

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