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2021 Scout Troop 336 Knap-in Report
June 5th, 2021 - Sammamish, WA
Host - Jim Keffer
(work in progress)

Jim Keffer, along with the Sammamish shop knappers Jim Miller and Ken Graham hosted Scouts from Troop 336
for a day of Flintknapping! Each Scout and their adult leaders receive several hours of hand-on instruction
in the basiss of percussion knapping as well as a demonstration of presure flaking. Each Scout was able to complete a basic projectile point
and each Scout also recieve a arrowhead made by a PSK member! A great time for all this who attended!

Photos by Jim Keffer

Photos by Jeff Llewellyn

Safety Lecture

Testing 55 lb 1" PVC Bow

Blue 3/4":" PVC Bow

Scout Michael watch Barry forge a knife

Ken Graham instructing

Checking out the Knappable Rock

An Atlatl

Scout getting tool, gloves and glasses

Discussion of tool types

Jim Miller instructing.

More bow testing

More Ken instructing

Success - Jim Miller's student's first Points!

PSK Instructors and Scouts with first Points!

Not a Rock - a bottle to knap!

More bow testing

Jim Keffer and student Scouts

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