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2021 Ft Whoop-up Knap-in Report
work in progress

September 2nd and 6th
Host - Barry Rogers

Barry Rogers Dave and Darlene Ledger, with Darlene's sister, Judy
Rick Rowell Bob Godwin & Kathy Meers
John Godwin Kenny Godwin
Bert Frelink Terry Quinn
Tanya & Mike Dowling Doug & Jane Shaw
Brett Jensen John Easton and Fran
Donn Paris

Barry Rogers (Host) Bert Frelink,Terry Quinn, Tanya Dowling Bob Helping Tanya & Mike Brett Jensen
Kathy Meers, John Godwin, John Easton, Bert Frelink, Bob Godwin, Mike Dowling, Rick Rowell, Ken Godwin & Doug Shaw KathyMeers, Bob Godwin, John Easton & Fran Little bit of Black Powder shoot Rick Rowell - community point
Rick Rowell Watchers over Whoop-Up knap-in Doug Shaw, Barry Rogers, Donn Paris Donn, Barry, Rick Rowell, John Easton
Rick Bob Godwin, John Rick, Doug, Donn and Bob Rick, 2 inch goat
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