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2016 Mick Hill's Big Blade Class
April 30th, 2016
Host - Jim Keffer,   Instructor - Mick Hill

How is one of the best ways to learn how to make big blades – watch, and more important, listen to Mick Hill. Mick has spent more than two decades making big blades.

The size of the blades Mick is capable of is limited only by the available rock and he gets the most out of whatever rock he’s working. And Mick works primarily with rough rock , not slabs

Mick’s class consisted of rock analysis and a targeted approach intended to produce the biggest blade possible. He explained how to determine the optimum sequence of bi-face reduction, platform development and how best to support the rock during the reduction process.

Each student received the benefit of one-on-one help when needed but also had the freedom to learn via trial and error. For all the attendees it was a very worthwhile class!

Attending Mick’s class were Jim Keffer, Jim Miller, David Trush, Donn Paris, Nicholas Tomihama, Jim Smith, Max Grow, and Barry Bonnell.

Photos Pending

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