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2016 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Report)
August 22nd - 28th
Hosts Joe Higgins and the Knapadonia Gang

The 2016 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in was a little more subdued than the year before - but it would be virtually impossible to repeat the hectic pace and the number of activities of 2015!  Still, with a mixture of young and old, noobies and oldtimers, it was a fine knap-in! Plenty of good rock to knap, great potluck dinners and great weather!

There were still a number of activities - including forging/blacksmithing, wire-wrapping, beadwork and, for the second year in a row, a great basket-making class taught by basket maker extraordinaire Mary Alice Sterling.

One standout of this year's event was the outstanding displays of art, particularly knapped art. Because the Fort Knapadonia event attracts such a large number of knappers, including quite a few of the best the PSK has to offer, and because the weather is typically outstanding, the art displays are the best of the entire year. A virtual mega-store of 'eye-candy'.

One carryover from 2015 knap-in was the number of knappers turned archers. Some days it seemed like the field was filled with archer and arrows. Homemade (or 2015 Knapadonia made) PCV bows were still the rage but there were quite a few wooden self-bows as well.

The things that make this truly one of the premier knap-ins anywhere - the great camaraderie, outstanding potluck dinners, and the passing on to our new member's the "Ancient Art of Flintknapping", were evident every day!

The Knappers

Host Dr. Joe Higgins

Terry 'The Deputy' Groves(rear) and Henry Panye

Elder Stu 'Ute Flintknapper' Murdock

Ted Kuykendal

Henry Payne, Jim Keffer, Bill Bullock and unknown

(front to rear) Dick Dickensen, Bob Bower and Ted Kuykendal


The First Basket Class 8/24/2016

Left to right - Marge Kuykendal, Janet Grow, Instructor Mary Alice Sterling, Janet Tipping, Kathy Woodside, and TBD (not shown Carolyn Wattenburger

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