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2016 Eastside Preparatory School Demo Report
Thursday September 29th and Friday September 30th
Host Sarah Rainwater, Social Science & English Teacher - Presenter/Demonstrator Jim Keffer

Social Science & English Teacher Sarah Rainwater of Eastside Preparatory School (Kirkland, WA) invited PSK member Jim Keffer to demonstrate and discuss flintknapping and stone tools with her students at Eastside Prep. The students were members of Sarah's Prehistory high school classes and, as expected, very interested and engaged in the whole process of making stone tools. There were in fact two seperate classes spanning two days.

The demo took the students through the process of 'Spalling' using 'Abo' tools (hammerstone), bi-face reduction using both aboriginal tools (moose billet) and modern tools (copper bopper). Also demostrated was the technique of pressure flaking using 'Abo' (deer antler) and modern (copper pressure flaker) tools.

The student were able to see (and touch) a variety of 'Abo' tools as well as several displays stone points created by members of the PSK.

Many of the students were also able to try their hand at actual flintknapping. PSK demonstrator Jim Keffer provided obsidian, tools, safety glasses and nitrile-coated gloves, as well as some tips on technique. While there just wasn't enough time to complete a knapped tool, each student that tried was able to take off at least a few good flakes!

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