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2016 Dallesport Knap-in Report
April 22nd - 26th
Hosted by Brad 'Big Bad' & Sue Baughman and Shawn Kelly
(Photos courtesy of Brad Baughman, Kathy Woodside and Frank Olmstead)

Located just above the Columbia River across from The Dalles, OR and in full view of Mount Hood, the knap-in site provided plenty of space for both camping and knapping. Evidently Brad has some pull with the powers that be – he was able to secure a chunk of the airport to use as a knap-in site.

Turnout was high, especially for a new knap-in. There were quite a few noobies, something I’ve come to expect from Brad, one of the great evangelist for flintknapping and the PSK!

A couple of unique visitors were brought in by PSK member Jack Fee. Jack participates in a “Work Away” (https://www.workaway.info/) program which provides interested people the opportunity to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and practice their target language whilst living abroad and working for their host. In exchange for room and board (and social contacts) Jacks guest from Germany helped him with his considerable garden and chores around his place.

Credit must be given were due and Sue Baughman provided a great pulled-pork entrée for the potluck dinner! This alone would bring me back.

From Brad:

The first knap-in to be held at Dallesport was a great success. Lots of experienced knappers showed up and helped teach the many newbies the art of breaking rock the way it is supposed to break!

Many thanks to the helpers … without whom the knap-in would not have been possible. Shawn Kelly was the key to the whole show, from setting up the shelter to getting the fire ring and the thousand other little things in between. To my wife Susie for all of the help through the whole process and the delicious BBQ pulled pork dinner. Kathy and Woody Woodside came early and helped loads too. Kathy also contributed many of the photos.

The Dallesport airport industrial park was very nice with the exception of the continuous high winds. The temperature was good for the whole time and no rain helped too. The shelter made it livable but still very noisy. We were all surprised that it held up without shredding or getting blown away. Having paved streets and street lights helped too. There was plenty of room for all of the campers in a nice flat area.

It looks like there will be a 2nd Dallesport Knap-in however next time it will probably be located within the Columbia Hills Historical State Park, just a couple miles east of the Dallesport Airport. One of the Park Rangers stopped by the knap-in and thought the park would be an ideal place for the next knap-in. And according to Beverly Keffer, who visited the park while attending the knap-in, it would be ideal, particularly since it is protected from the wind!

Oregon's Mount Hood, just across the river, provided a beautiful backdrop to the knap-in!

Brad and some noobies

Another beautiful Pacific Northwest Sunset

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