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2016 Fort Whoop-Up Knap-in Report
September 2nd - 4th
Host  Barry Rogers
(photos courtesy of Donn Paris)

The 3rd Annual Ft Whoop Up Knap In was held Sept 2-5/2016 at the Ft Whoop Up Black Powder Range, Lethbridge, AB, Canada. 20 knappers attended; mostly from Alberta BC and Saskatchewan, plus Don Paris from Washington, and 40 shooters.

The weather was sunny, dry and one day of high winds, but we kept the tent secure. Several 2 inch goat contests were held with some very surprised winners (a newbie) but no sore losers. The usual amount of blood was spilled but we had plenty of band aids to patch things up.

The Black Powder club which was celebrating a rendezvous with many shooting contests, invited us to a roast pig supper and we supplied the fixings and salads etc. on Saturday nite. The leftovers disappeared on Sunday.

Don played and sang around the fire which we all enjoyed including some of the black powder shooters.

The auction was made delightful by our auctioneer Willy Kadaz, from Rocky Mt. House; he has got to be the most relaxed entertaining auctioneer in the Wild West.


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