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Webb's Fried Louisiana Gator

(same recipe as Webb's Fried Rattle Snake)


¼ cup Sesame oil
½Olive oil
½ cup Oyster
2 tbsp crushed garlic
2-3 tbsp soy sauce
Pinch salt
Pinch pepper
5 lbs 1 inch chunks of Gator tail filet
4 cups Whole milk (or buttermilk)
2 - 3 cups 9 Seasoned Flour (Flour, Cornmeal, Cajun seasoning)
1-2 Quarts Canola oil (or Peanut oil)


Soak Gator (or Rattlesnake) chunks in milk overnightt> Combine ingredients 1-7 in a large bowl
Add gator meat and coat - let set for 1 hour
Coat in seasoned flour
Deep fry in oil just until batter just turns brown. Do not over cook as this will make the meat tough.
Serve hot with your favor greens and cornbread!

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