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Spicy ‘Chipped’ Beef on Toast

By Jim Keffer

Your basic ‘Chipped’ Beef on Toast except instead of a couple of jars of dried beef I substitute jerky, beef, deer, elk, etc.  I’ve created a number of variation using different flavors of store bought jerky as well as some home made jerky.  Great all by itself but even better with a side of scrambled eggs!

Ingredients (serves four people):

4 tbsp butter or oil
Salt to taste – the jerky may have enough salt so go easy
4 tbs all-purpose flour
3.5 oz beef jerky cut into ½” squares
2 ½ cups milk
Toast - a couple slices per person


Simmer jerky in milk at low heat until jerky softens – set aside
Make a rue – melt butter in large skillet, slowly add flour/salt while whisking until smooth.  Do this on medium low heat so as not to burn butter
Add milk/jerky and continue to whisk until smooth
Serve over toast
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