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Back-Up Webmaster/Publishers Needed

In order to preserve vital information and maintain the continuity of the Puget Sound Knappers' Website and Newsletter I am in the process of creating a back-up/turnover file of all PSK data in my possession.  I would like one or two PSK members to volunteer to act as a back-up to me and assume the responsibilities for continuing the website and the publication of SPALLS. 

Volunteers should have the following qualifications:

1. Be a member in Good Standing of the PSK

2.  Be somewhat computer literate - this does not mean you need to be a programmer!

3.  Be willing to invest a few hours a month maintaining the PSK data - membership list, etc.

Volunteers must also receive the approval of the Council of Elders

The turnover file will be a combination of hard copy and digital back-up (flashdrive) and will include the following:

1.    Membership list

2.   Oooga Booga list – members, Chief, Spirit Guides, Coyotes, etc

3.   Ooga Booga membership card templates

4.   Website information

a.     Backup

b.    Access – username/password

c.     Website Maintenance primer

5.    SPALLS information/template

6.    Photos of PSK activities, etc

Our Webmaster is Jim Keffer, from Sammamish WA

Contact us via email at:



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