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Puget Sound Knappers Library

We are in the process of putting together a library of flintknapping reference material and PSK 'home movies' for the use of PSK members.  Several members have generously donated the videos and books and where necessary the are being converted to DVD format.  The material in the PSK library is for private, non-commercial use and may be 'checked-out' or borrowed by simply contacting the webmaster at .  Borrowers will be required to pay any postage (both to and from) and return the material within 30 days.  Note: If you would like your own personal copy you must purchase them from those who created them.

We have received commitments for other VHS 'home videos' by PSK members which will be converted to DVD format.  If you have VHS videos of PSK events and would like them converted the PSK webmaster will do the conversion for free - provided they are made available to the PSK library as well.  Again, simply contact me at .

DVDs currently available : (* denotes video ** denotes book)

1. *The Art of Flintknapping by D. C. Waldorf - a good basic tutorial

2.  *Caught Knapping by Craig Ratzat - considered by some as the best knapping instructional video on the market.  Definitely one of the best.

3.  *Lap-Knapping by Craig Ratzat - another great tutorial

4.  *Lecture on Man's Use of Stone in History by Harry Oda (filmed at Bellevue College) - an excellent lecture by one of our own!

5.  *Making Fluted Points Using the Sollberger Jig by Woody Blackwell  - this remarkable video is more about preparation of the point than merely the use of the jig.  It is a comprehensive analysis and explanation of the anatomy of points, platforms, angles, and execution that almost guarantees success.  Woody's explanation of preparing a point prior to fluting makes it relatively simple to create good flutes and is applicable to a variety of jigs as well as direct percussion.  Covers several different fluted points styles. A must read for those that aspire to create fluted points.

6.  *An Introduction to Flintknapping - Bill Metcalfe

7.  *PSK 1993 Richardson Ranch and Wenatchee  Knap-ins by Webb Hammond - "In the Beginning'

8.  *PSK 1995 Glass Buttes Knap-in  by Joan Urata - More 'In the Beginning!

9.  **THE BASICS OF BIFACE KNAPPING IN THE EASTERN FLUTED POINT TRADITION A Manual for Flintkanppers and Lithics Analysts - Errett Callahan

10. *Understanding...Flintknapping Fundamentals - Mark Bracken 

11. *Working Challenging Shapes - Mike Santiago

Contributors:  Joe Higgins, Jim Smith, Richard and Joan Urata, Webb Hammond, Thaddeus 'Tad' Sweet, Max Grow, Jim Keffer

Recent Additions to the Library

The PSK library has recently been given a number of books by Woody Woodside.  Woody purchased the books from Patrica Kinyon, wife of PSK Flintknapper Michael Kinyon, who passed away in Port Orchard on Dec 22, 2014.  The books are of various subjects including flintknapping and archaeology.  

We've also received a gift of three boxes of books from long time PSK member Webb Hammond.  These books run the gamut - from flintknapping and archaeology to Native Americal history and Art, to Knife making and archery!

Max Grow donated "Flint Knapping: A Guide to Making Your Own Stone Age Tool Kit"*

Jim Keffer added The Bulletin of Primitive Technology (by the Society of Primitive Technology), Volumes 13 - 45*

Eventually I'll compile a complete list - but don't hold your breath - just come by and take a look!


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