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First Aid/CPR/AED Training Available via the PSK

Background: Following a potential serious incident at the 2015 Glass Buttes Knap-in, the PSK, through voluntary contributions, purchased an Philips Heart Savers Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This device, along with CPR, can have a dramatic life-saving impact on people suffering a heart attach and/or cardiac arrest. It is the intent of the PSK to have this unit and at least one trained and certified CPR/AED person at each and every PSK event.

However, an initial survey of the membership indicates that there may not be enough member certified in First AID/CPR/AED to insure someone at each event.

Instructor: Jim Keffer is a "Certified" Red Cross' First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor as well as a "Certified" Remote and Wilderness First Aid Instructor.  Jim, on behalf of the PSK, has entered into an "Authorized Provider"(AP) agreement with the Red Cross to provide First Aid/CPR/AED & Remote and Wilderness First Aid instruction leading to certification to PSK members

Cost: The cost of the instruction will be $10 plus whatever voluntary donation to cover the cost of the equipment and material each member can afford. The Red Cross typically charges $27 to issue and maintain an electronic record of each person's certificate. As part of the AP agreement with the PSK, the Red Cross has reduced this cost from $27 to $10. The cost of the instruction at a Red Cross Facility by a Red Cross instructor for First Aid/CPR/AED is typically around $90. Training from a Red Cross Licensed Training Provider (LTP) can range from $60 to more than $100 , depending on class size and/or location. The cost for Remote and Wilderness First Aid classes is around $200.

Members not wanting to pay the cost of certification may still take the class. The Red Cross refers to this non-certified training as 'Awareness Training'. There is no difference to the instruction provided but participants do not receive a certification.

Equipment and Material for the class: The equipment that will be provided, in compliance with Red Cross guidelines and requirements, are CPR manikins and AED training devices, CPR masks, and training packs. Participants books may be downloaded for free or purchases seperately. (First Aid/CPR/AED Participant's Manual with Emergency First Aid Guide, Rev. 7/14 $10, Remote and Wilderness First Aid pamphlets are $15.95 plus shipping. These books are exceptionally well done and not offered by some First Aid/CPR/AED courses. They are available on-line for study.  In addition to the basic requirement of Equipment and Material, Jim's shop is equipped with a 55" HDTV, WIFI and DVD player as well as training mats and example First Aid Kits.

When and Where: Jim Keffer will be providing First Aid/CPR/AED Classes & Remote and Wilderness First Aid at his shop either at the regular Friday Knap-in or any time with prior arrangement. He will also offer the instruction at any PSK knap-in where there is a PSK member wishing to take the training. The First Aid/CPR/AED class lasts between six and eight hours, depending on number of students. Remote and Wilderness First Aid classes take 16 hours (two days). Some classes may even go longer if the participants wish to take the optional modules (Asthma, Diabetes, Splints, etc,).

Additional information: As a Red Cross certified instructor, Jim can recommend others to become instructors. At some point in the future, he will also be offering Wilderness First Aid Classes.

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