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The following is a list of PSK members whose contact information is either out-of-date or incorrect.  If you know any of these knappers, please have them contact me at .


Al Rubin

Rod Henderson

Anni Asbell & Steve Moysner

Dave Mosley

Barry L Hester found

Bill & Patti Barmettler

Bill Morrow

Brian Beaulieu

Charlie Black

Charlene Ryan

Charles Acuna found

Dan Cheatham

Dan Spry

Daniel Stevenson

Doug Sutton found

Herb Fox, WA deceased

Ian Walker

J. Brad, Alice Miller

James Kenyon

Jason Hinkle found

John Hulse

John Schuster

Kymron De Cesare

Larry Haimowitz

Curt Schell

Mary Martin deceased

Mellissia Kennedy

Merkell Hickman

Michael Wendler

Michelle Mowery

Mike Blackston found

Nachshon Rose

Charles L Alexander/Carolyn Johnson

Robert Kilgo

Richard Sanchez

Robert Steele

Ron Hunt

Terry Walker

Walt & Donna Caldwell

William Berg


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