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Knappers Marks

Since the 1990's the Puget Sound Knappers have  encourgaged their members to 'register' a unique 'mark' with which they use to indentify their work.  These marks, usually made with a diamond scribe, can be the knappers initiasl, special symbol or any uniquely indentifying sign.

There are three primary purposes for signing knapped art; 1) it helps prevent the sale of replica points as artifacts, 2) it identifies the artist and helps prevent fraud through counterfeiting and 3) it provides a historical context to the knappers art

The Puget Sound Knappers will register any knappers mark.  If you want to establish a unique 'signature' for you knapped art simply email or mail your name and a photo/drawing of you mark to:

Or download the official PSK Mark registration form here (MS Word format)

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