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Kabuki Syndrome Charity Fundraiser

In response to a request from Puget Sound Knapper member Tim Severn, a number of PSK members donated points to a display case to be raffled in support of a fundraiser for Kabuki Syndrome research and specifically to assisted Kerry Ingram's (aka Stonehunter) daughter Lilly, who is afflicted with this syndrome.

This fundraising raffle raised around $3,000 for Lilly.  Although an Internet Auction, PSK member Jim Smith purchased $100 worth of online raffle tickets and ended up winning the raffle!  He later sold the entire collection to Jim Keffer, who now displays the collection in his shop, scene of weekly Friday Knap-ins and at other PSK events.

Dave Raushenberg's Additional Contribution

Contributing to the first display  were the following:

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Dave Rauschenberg -  Dacite Point - 'Corner Notch'

Jim Smith - Black Butter Obsidian Point - 'Turkey Tail'

Mick Hill - Blue Spiderweb Obsidian Point 'Corner Notch'

Dick Kocan - Midnight Lace Obsidian Point

Jim Smith - Midnight Lace Blade

Joe Higgins - Purple Obsidian Point - 'Corner Notch'

Webb Hammond - Blue Glass Point

Dick Kocan - Midnight Lace Obsidian Point

Jim Miller - Burlington Chert - 'Clovis'

Jim Miller - ' Brazilian Agate 'Blade'

Bruce Goulet - Midnight Lace Obsidian - 'Eccentric, Turtle'

Bob Bower - Midnight Lace Obsidian Point (below Bruce Goulet, 2nd row)

Woody Woodside - Snowflake Obsidian Blade

Ray  Harwood - Black Butter Point - 'Wintu/Ishi Point'

Steve Alley - Montana Moss Agate Point

Barney DeSimone - Sunset Jasper Point

Dana Anderson - Mahogany Obsidian - 'Winged Point'

Jim Miller - Hixton Quartzite - 'Drill' 

Tim Evans - Pumpkin Obsidian Point

Tim Evans - Burlington Chert Point

Tim Severn - Bullseye Jasper Point

Dave Rauschenberg - Montana Moss Agate Point

Jim Hopper - Piute Agate Point 'Wintu/Ishi Point'

Dana Anderson - Rainbow Obsidian Point

Display cases by the late Jim Rayner, donated by Jim Keffer

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