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Knapping Artwork by Wayne Clark

I was born in Baker City, Oregon in 1953. Hunting, fishing, skiing and music were my main interests growing up. I spent most of my early years knocking around in the mountains, playing music and working odd jobs.

I found my first arrowhead while playing along the banks of the Snake River at Farewell Bend where my grandmother operated the little store in the park around 1965. Since then, I have been fascinated by lithics of all kinds but have never tried my hand at it until this year. I took a trip to Glass Butte to get some obsidian, met some great folks who knapped, and I was hooked!

Discovering the PSK community has been so great! Everyone has been super supportive and encouraging. With all of the isolation of the past three years, having a place to go hang out with like-minded folks has been such a shot in the arm for me (pun intended)!

So, why flint knapping? I've been fascinated with paleo life ways for some time now. I'm sure I've romanticized it in my own mind, but after spending most of my adult life flying a desk, I really wanted to get back to my roots and spend more time outside, in wild places, learning how people used to survive.

Wayne now knaps at home or at the weekly knap-in in Sammamish.

October 2023 - Update from Wayne

Attachung blade with Pine Pitch Glue!

Notching practice is paying off!

May 2023 - Update from Wayne

February 2023 - Update from Wayne

November 2022 Update - First points from Wayne!

Largest point to date

Columbia Plateau Barbed point

Pretty sharp and at 119.6 grain>

Striving for symmetr!y

Columbia Plateau Barbed point

A multi-talented artist - some of Wayne's other art!

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