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Knapping Artwork by Vernon Romans
(some of Vernon's art may be for sale - if interested in purchasing please contact Contact Vernon @  )


My flintknapping began in 1992 when I watched Dean Caldwell make an arrowhead and he gave some pointers.

While in Quartzsite, AZ I stumbled upon Jerry “9-Fingers” Calvert. Every time I was in Quartzsite I took lessons from Jerry for a few years.

I found a flintknapping tape by Dale Cannon and I knew then I was hooked. I loved his style and made my blades like his. He was my mentor.

After years of practice my knives became good enough to have them published in the "The Lithics Artist Guild".

I make Stone Knives, Blades, Arrowheads and Leather Knife Sheaths.

I mainly use Stone, Wood and Antler for the materials of my knives. I have tried different materials but always come back to Obsidian for my knives.

First Contribution from Vernon - October 2022!

VR325 - Triple Flow Obsidian Blade - Deer Jawbone with Walnut Cap Handle - Whitewood Antler Stand $90

VR324 - Rainbow Obsidian Blade - Picaso Marble Handle - Pine Stand

VR312 - Triple Flow Obsidian Blade - Deer Antler Handle

VR307 - Smoke Obsidian Blade - Picasso Marble Handle

VR224 - Smoke Obsidian Blade - Picaso Marble Blade - Pine Stand with Skunk Skull

VR222 - Triple Flow Obsidian Blade - Picasso Marble Handle

VR219 - Banded Obsidian Blade - Petoskey Stone Handle

Obsidian Blade, Bone Carved Eagle Head Handle

Knife Handmade by Vern Romans

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