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Knapping Artwork by Stu Murdock

Stu, the 'Ute Flintknapper' Murdock is a longtime member of the PSK, joining this illustrious group back in the mid-90's.  An accomplished knapper, Stu is also widely know for his Paleo Art and Celtic Knives.  Stu is, among other things and accomplished musician - one of the truly greats with his homemade Didgeridoo!

Stu is a Chief of the PSK Clan of  the Ear-of-Corn Society/Ooga Booga Tribe and a member of the Puget Sound Knappers Council of Elders.

Stu does sell some of his art and you can contact Stu @ 


March 2021 Updates from Stu!

'Pink Lady Obsidian' Blade

'Pink Lady Obsidian' Blade

'Black Butter Obsidian' Blade

Stu's Latest Art - March 2014

3/25/2014 Knife 2

3/25/2014 Knife

Celtic Knife

Album Points


Raven Dagger and Box

Danish Dagger

White Knife

Obsidian Knife

Dacite Knife and Case

Bear Claw Dagger 2 Linda Mayberry

Daggers 052

Daggers 037

Daggers 1

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