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Steve Gobel Art Gallery

Steve Came to the PSK via an email I receive from my wife who in turn received an email from a friend who knew about my interest in flintknapping.  The email contained a link to the Tri-Cities Herald and an article about Steve and "Crafting Arrowheads" by Stephen Reiss of the AP.  From the article it was clear to me that Steve would be a good fit into the PSK community so I sent him a letter via snail mail (after tracking down his address).  Steve felt the same way and joined right away and began contributing!

There is also a YouTube video: Steve Gobel Knapping

Steve's New Points

Snake Knife

Rainbow Obsidian

Steve's Big Point

See Through Points

Bird Knife and Base

Zebra Point


Spmething Different!/span>

Wonder where Lizards come from - Geodes!

Snake River Clam Shell Spoons for Fishing

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