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Steve "Mutt" Colby Art Gallery


Early Work

Circle of First Points

First Bird Points

First Stemmed Points and First Drill

 Assorted Points


Backlit Silversheen

Burns Green Obsidan

More Points

Silversheen Trio

Silversheen Points

Full Case

Triple Flow Northern

Norther Side-Notch 'Artsy'

Opal Points

Dacite Blade

Burns Green Obsidian Point

Atlatl Dart Tip

Eagle Claw Necklace

Burns Green Obsidian Knife

Paleo Pocket Knife

Knife - Deer Antler Handle/Black Obsidian Blade

Knife - andle/Rainbow Obsidian Blade

Knife - Sabertooth Handle/Mahogany Blade

Warrior Necklace - Gift from Ron Davis (Roseburg, OR)


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