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Knapping Artwork by Mick Hill

Long time PSK member and even longer time knapper, Mick Hill is best know for three things in the PSK community; big, beautiful, percussion blades, his obsidian knowledge and his outstanding ability to teach others!  He's made hundreds of incredible large blades, visited more obsidian sites that anyone else know to the PSK, and has taught countless people the acient art of flintknapping - including at least two blind people.  Mick has also hosted a PSK knap-in each of the last 16 years and had probably attended over 100 PSK knap-ins over the last 30 years!  He even provides musical entertainment, usually with his brother-in-law, Steve Allely, with his bagpipes!


Mick and his Flintknapping Tool for the Blind - a combination walking stick for the blind and fully functional, 5 foot long, copper-tipped Ishi Stick.

Presented as part of the Puget Sound Knappers 'Knapper of the Year' Award at the 2012 Glass Buttes Knap-in

May 2022 Updates from Mick Hill

September 2021 Updates from Mick Hill

October 2020 Updates from Mick Hill

Big Blades - October 2020 Glass Buttes Gathering!

This point of Blue Spider Web Obsidian was made then donated to the Kabuli Sydrome Charity Raffle by Mick in November of 2014

Big Point Anyone?

Bucket o' BIG BLADES

Dacite Blades/Points


Something Different - A Knapped Shoehorn!

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